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CO Solar Pole Mount Campbell Pic.JPG
CO Solar Ground Mount Cover IMG_20111011_142538.jpg
CO Solar Ground Mount 20160617_135705.jpg
CO Solar Pole Mount 20160614_161140.jpg
  • Top Left & Bottom Right:  Fixed Mount arrays - Optimizing both slope and azimuth, a ground-mounted fixed array stands up to hurricane-force winds and driving weather conditions while providing a secure mount for solar panels.  As such this type of mounting maximizes production with a relatively inexpensive solution that perfectly matches the objectives of annual solar production with optimal reliability.

  • Top Right & Bottom Left:  Pole Mount arrays - Designed to minimie ground contact, these mounting systems can also be installed with tracking solutions that keep the panels aimed to the sun!  Meant to maximize array production and efficiency, a pole-mounted system can also accommodate a greater selection of options for ground cover and landscaping.

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