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ProPanel Roofing.jpg
Dimentional Asphalt Roofing III.jpg

We can mount on most any roof type!

  • Top Left:  Stone-coated steel roofing.  This type of material provides outstanding resistance to hail, but presents a challenge when mounting solar arrays.  We can help!

  • Top Right:  Flat-roof materials.  Often presenting challenges regarding standing water, and ice and snow retention, these roofing materials are long lasting and durable, but present their own challenges for solar array attachment.  We have solutions!

  • Lower Left:  Steel and galvanized roofing.  These types of roofing materials include "standing seam", corrugated, and various Pro Panel alternatives that are long-lasting and reliable.  However, many solar companies refuse to mount to steel roofs.  We install where others can't!

  • Lower Right:  Asphalt roofing of a number of types are the single most common type of roofing material.  In this image, a dimensional product provides years of reliable weather resistance with a beautiful appearance.  This is where solar installation shines!  We can help with all types of roofs!

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